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Applied Conservation Ecology Lab
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Animals in their Environments
▪ Population ▪ Bioenergetics ▪
▪ Habitat & Movement ▪
▪ Anthropogenic Effects ▪
▪ Conservation & Management ▪
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Many Species, Many Systems
▪ Vertebrates, Invertebrates, Plants ▪
▪ Communities & Patterns ▪
▪ Human Impacts ▪
▪ Monitoring ▪ Restoration ▪
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The Big Picture
▪ Landscape Scales ▪
▪ Ecosystems & Drivers ▪
▪ Conservation Planning ▪
▪ Fire ▪ Islands ▪
▪ Climate Change ▪
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The Alberta Species Conservation Atlas is an Alberta-wide database of free geospatial (GIS) data for conservation planning and research. Current and modelled niches and distributions for over 1000 species of plants and animals are catalogued.
The Conservation UAV Research Unit is an initiative to develop and integrate remotely-controlled airborne sensor platforms as a inexpensive, rapid remote sensing tools for the study, monitoring and management of conservation sites and landscapes.
Research Partners
We believe in collaboration and synergy. Many of our research projects are joint endeavors with scientific units, stewardship groups, and stakeholders from across the public and private sector.

Funding Organizations
Our conservation research projects are supported by many visionary organizations from across industry, government, and the non-profit world. With their funding, we are able to investigate and provide relevant insights into challenging and hard-to-study issues in conservation and management of our environment and natural resources.