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Journal Articles
Souliere, C.M., Coogan, S.C.P., Stenhouse, G.B. & Nielsen, S.E. 2020. Harvested forests as a surrogate to wildfires in relation to grizzly bear food-supply in west-central Alberta. Forest Ecology and Management Volume 456 (117685), 1-13.
Silva, J.A., Nielsen, S.E., Lamb, C.T., Hague, C. & Boutin, S. 2019. Modelling lichen abundance for woodland caribou in a fire-driven boreal landscape. Forests 10, 962.
Kearney, S.P., Coops, N.C., Stenhouse, G.B., Nielsen, S.E., Hermosillae T., White, J.C. & Wulder, M.A. 2019. Grizzly bear selection of recently harvested forests is dependent on forest recovery rate and landscape composition. Forest Ecology and Management 449(1):117459.
Hart, S.J., Henkelman, J., McLoughlin, P.D., Nielsen, S.E., Truchon-Savard, A. & Johnstone, J.F. 2019. Examining forest resilience to changing fire frequency in a fire‐prone region of boreal forest. Global Change Biology 25:869-884.
Stralberg, D., Wang, X., Parisien, M.A., Robinne, F.N., Solymos, P., Mahon, C.L., Nielsen, S.E. & Bayne, E.M. 2018. Wildfire-mediated vegetation change in boreal forests of Alberta, Canada. Ecosphere 9:3, e02156.
Nielsen, S.E., DeLancey, E.R., Reinhardt, K. & Parisien, M.A. 2016. Effects of lakes on wildfire activity in the boreal forests of Saskatchewan, Canada Forests 7: 265.
Nielsen S.E., Kirschbaum C.D. & Haney A. 2003. Restoration of Midwest oak barrens: Structural manipulation or process-only? Conservation Ecology 7(2): 10.
Nielsen S.E. & Haney A. 1998. Gradient responses for understory species in a bracken-grassland and northern-dry forest ecosystem of Northeast Wisconsin. Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters 86: 149-166.
Book Chapters
Research Reports
Silva, J.A. 2020. Fire, lichens, and woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Canada’s Boreal Shield. MSc. Thesis, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Knaggs, M.D. 2018. Effects of burn severity and time since fire on songbird communities in the northern boreal forest. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Filicetti, A. & Nielsen, S.E. 2017. Fire: a seismic restoration tool? Alberta Biodiversity Conservation Chairs outreach note #2.