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Journal Articles
Zhang, J., Qian, H., Girardello, M., Pellissier, V., Nielsen, S.E. & Svenning, J-C. 2018. Trophic interactions among vertebrate guilds and plants shape global patterns in species diversity. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 285:20180949.
Glasier, J.R.N., Nielsen, S.E., Acorn, J.H., Borysenko, L.H. & Radtke, T. 2016. A Checklist of Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Saskatchewan. The Canadian Field Naturalist 130: 40-48.
Teichman K.J., Nielsen S.E. & Roland J. 2013. Trophic cascades: linking ungulates to shrub-dependent birds and butterflies. Journal of Animal Ecology 82: 1288-1299.
Glasier J.R.N., Acorn J.H., Nielsen S.E. & Proctor H. 2013. Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Alberta: A key to species based primarily on the worker caste. Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification 22: 1-104.
Book Chapters
Hanser, S.E., Leu, M., Aldridge, C.L., Nielsen, S.E., Rowland, M.M. & Knick, S.T. 2011. Occurrence and abundance of ants, reptiles, and mammals. Pp. 221–314 in Hanser, S.E., Leu, M., Knick, S.T. & Aldridge, C.L. (editors), Sagebrush Ecosystem Conservation and Management: Ecoregional Assessment Tools and Models for the Wyoming Basins. Allen Press, Lawrence, KS.
Research Reports
Riva, F., Acorn, J. & Nielsen, S.E. 2017. Low-impact holds true for butterflies. Alberta Biodiversity Conservation Chairs outreach note #1.