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Journal Articles
Laskin, D.N., McDermid, G.J., Nielsen, S.E., Marshall, S.J., Roberts, D.R. & Montaghi, A. 2019. Advances in phenology are conserved across scale in present and future climates. Nature Climate Change (early view).
Nijland W., Coops N.C., Coogan S.C.P., Bater C.W., Wulder M.A., Nielsen S.E., McDermid G. & Stenhouse G.B. 2013. Vegetation phenology can be captured with digital repeat photography and linked to variability of root nutrition in Hedysarum alpinum. Applied Vegetation Science 16(2): 317–324.
Coogan S.C.P., Nielsen S.E. & Stenhouse G.B. 2012. Spatial and temporal heterogeneity creates a "brown tide" in root phenology and nutrition. ISRN Ecology, Article ID 618257: 1-10.
Coops N.C., Hilker T., Bater C.W., Wulder M.A., Nielsen S.E., McDermid G. & Stenhouse G. 2012. Linking ground-based to satellite derived phenological metrics in support of habitat assessment. Remote Sensing Letters 3(3): 191-200.
Bater C.W., Coops N.C., Wulder M.A., Hilker T., Nielsen S.E., McDermid G. & Stenhouse G.B. 2011. Using digital time-lapse cameras to monitor species-specific understorey and overstorey phenology in support of wildlife habitat assessment. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment 180: 1-13.
Bater C.W., Coops N.C., Wulder M.A., Nielsen S.E., McDermid G. & Stenhouse G.B. 2011. Design and installation of a camera network across an elevation gradient for habitat assessment. Instrumentation Science & Technology 39: 231-247.
Munro R.H.M., Nielsen S.E., Price M.H., Stenhouse G.B. & Boyce M.S. 2006. Seasonal and diel patterns of grizzly bear diet and activity in west-central Alberta. Journal of Mammalogy 87: 1112-1121.
Nielsen S.E., Boyce M.S., Stenhouse G.B. & Munro R.H.M. 2003. Development and testing of phenologically driven grizzly bear habitat models. Ecoscience 10: 1-10.
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Research Reports
Hecker, L.J., Dewart, L.T., Epperson, D., Edwards, M.A. & Nielsen, S.E. 2019. Ronald Lake Wood Bison Research Program: 2019 Annual Report. Report to the Ronald Lake Bison Herd Technical Team, January 22, 2020. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2H1, 46 pp.